The Real World

Okay, so two weeks without a post, but I’m happy to report that the last thing standing between me and my master’s degree is a term paper in my Greek class. I’m looking forward to taking some well-deserved time off from school.

Of course, this means moving back into the “real world.” Unlike most grad students, I left the professional realm and have only worked here and there for the last three years or so (Seminary degrees tend to be really long…). So, this means returning to reality and worrying about making an decent salary, paying off debt, and the sudden responsibility to be the provider now that I have a wife and all.

No more papers, no more exams…but, no pleasure of researching and learning and discovering and solving problems and creating and…

…no more school…back to reality….

…okay, wait…this kinda sucks!

Actually, it’s a temporary respite, because Karen and I are both planning another degree. While I don’t think I’m going to do the next one full time as I did this one, I’m anxious to go back in a way, because I love to learn and to expand my horizons. Not to mention that you just meet the coolest people while in school…the atomsphere is just different. It’s one of exploration and discovery, and a freedom to create.

I think its important to touch base with the “real world” occasionally in order to avoid being in a bubble. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere worse about putting you in a bubble than Seminary. So, a year or two in the real world, and then I get to focus on learning and discovering again.

Not such a bad deal.

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