Christmas Time Is Here?

Wow, I can’t believe that Christmas is in like four days. Karen and I are bustling about trying to take care of Christmas cards we still haven’t gotten out, packages we still haven’t shipped, and buying odds and ends, including travel-sized stuff so that we can get through the insane security for our Saturday morning flight and appease the TSA gods.

I had to think last night that I am so thankful for her this Christmas, and that there are gifts under our tree, and that we have family with which to spend Christmas. But I’m disillusioned, nonetheless. Not about us, but about what I see around us.

Now, I suppose I should confess that I actually enjoy Christmas shopping. I like the electricity in the air at the malls as people rush around, attempting to find the perfect gift. I had that look on my own face as I attempted to find the perfect gift for Karen this year. I enjoy the Christmas music I’ve recenty been loading onto my iPod, and I enjoy gingerbread lattes from Starbucks (I certainly don’t miss the snow, although we’ll probably see that when we fly north this weekend…groan!).

Every year, though, it’s bittersweet because I see people obsessed with the materialistic drive to give and receive the coolest gifts. I’m confronted with the media blitz of a country driven by a “whoever dies with the most toys wins” mindset. I’m all too easily caught up in this if I’m not careful. My goal for myself over the next couple of days is to focus on the purpose of the celebration. The gift-giving, while a wonderful thing, isn’t the ultimate reality here. The violent sport called last-minute shopping certainly is not. There’s a much deeper reason for all of this, a turning point in history, a moment when God intruded into our space-time flow and physically moved in with us, for just a few years. A few years that altered everything. A few years that began at an unlikely time, with the unexpected fulfillment of a prophecy, and has altered the course of every life at this time of year ever since.

Pondering that, if only for a little while, will change your perspective about all of this.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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