I’ve often wondered, “why?”

Not necessarily big “why”‘s, although certainly I have my moments with those. But even little “why”‘s.

Examples: “Why did this happen to me this way, when I didn’t deserve it?” (after getting married to my lovely wife).

“Why did the car in front of me get stopped when I didn’t?” (when you drive like me, these things come up frequently).

“Why did God set things up to run this way?”

I’ve encountered a lot of the last question (or forms of it) from other people in the last few years. Why did God design things to run a certain way? Why did He allow things like hurricanes to happen? Why does the world operate the way it does? Why? For many people, it’s a barrier to full belief.

Unfortunatley, I’ve also met a lot of theologians who had the audacity to formulate answers to these questions.

To me, if I am an unbeleiver who asks this question, and someone formulates a neat and tidy answer to it, then it sounds to me like they’ve designed the mythology in which they believe. It’s fake. It’s too neat. Life, experientially, just isn’t that neat.

It’s much more believable to me to hear someone say that they don’t know. If someone tells me they don’t know, then obviously they are truly saying that there is something, Someone, outside of themselves that they cannot comprehend. That makes it easier for me to believe that they believe. Because to believe in God is to, at some level, hold a fearful respect for Him. Not to try to explain everything about Him.

There are many things about Himself that God has communicated to us, and I love digging into those facts and understanding all that I can about them. But those facts, I think, are a minimum of what we need to know. We are, by definition, less than God, and we will never be able to get our brains around Him. There are many aspects of Him that will always remain a mystery to us.

And God’s mystery has come to be one of His most fascinating qualities to me. There’s something wonderful about mystery.

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  1. This was interesting to read because it somewhat touches on what I was just journaling about, which will probably end up as my next post.

    I like to say, “A little mystery is good for ya,” but truth be told I’m always digging for answers.

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