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I love funky blasts from the past.

I was procrastinating a term paper tonight by channel surfing, and I stumbled onto the new Dr. Who series on SciFi. I used to love the old series as a kid. My family was kind of into the whole BBC thing for a couple of years, and every Saturday night was Dr. Who. I was into the whole British sci-fi thing…I was one of the nerds that was totally stoked to see Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when it was re-released recently. My friend tells me I have the “geek gene.”

I think it’s because my mom was huge sci-fi fan when I grew up (she was, and remains today, a die-hard Trekkie). I was hooked from an early age. At 12 years old, I was reading Henlein and Asimov. In college I progressed to Anne McAffery, and a couple of years ago, Julie Czerneda. Now I’m more into the television thing. Farscape was the last real sci-fi series (by real I mean original and well-written) I’ve seen. But it’s really cool to see Dr. Who again.

Any other closet science fiction fans out there? C’mon, where my nerds at??

Okay, back to the term paper now…

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