Wow, it’s been so long since I posted!!! I have been so caught up in mid-terms for the past week that I haven’t even seen the news lately. That’s sad, considering I am a self-proclaimed news junkie. But, I am breathing again.

I just finished reading my friend’s Xanga. He posted an entry about Rob Bell’s phrase “love wins.” As much as I hate the pop culture phrases that we develop in our Christian subculture, I really dig this one. Because I’ve had on my heart lately this concept of it all coming back to Christ, to what He did for us, to what He does for us. The driving motivation behind my life should be that…like I should live as though that were my purpose for everything. Very basic, and you would think that it would be difficult to mess up, although theologians have been for centuries. I’m working letting Him make this the motivation behind my life. Because all of the other stuff I get caught up in seems so incredibly hopeless. The education, the money, the car, the clothes, the friends, the “community” (there’s another one we throw around a lot, right?). If I do any of that apart from Him (John 15), then it becomes an empty substitution.

I’ve had enough empty substitutions. I’m done with them.

Okay, mid-terms are done, term papers are ahead, and then I have a wedding to plan!!!

Life’s never boring, right?

Hope your weekend is blessed, everyone!

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