Uneventful Events

There’s a lot to be said for relaxing…even when the relaxation is sort of forced on you.

Perhaps I’m beginning to feel as old as I actually am, but lately I’ve noticed myself being quite tired in the evenings. I refuse to accept the fact that I could be transforming into a morning person, so something else must be at work. I’m beginning to suspect that I simply can’t keep the schedule that I used to. Or, perhaps it’s been the heat wave that’s been oppressing the South East with 100 degree temperatures for over a week. I think I’ll blame it on the latter, but whatever the case…I’ve gotten home in the afternoons frequently of late, and all I’ve wanted to do is take a nap.

Karen and I survived the destructive storm that rattled our area last weekend largely without incident (although when our fourth floor apartment began moving as our building swayed, I did get nervous for a moment). The most significant thing that we suffered…and this is absolutely insignificant compared to most of the rest of our city, mind you…was that one of the household Macs didn’t make it through the flickering power unscathed. As it has been in for repairs this week, I found myself without everything that I needed to keep up what had been an excellent pace on the novel…while I have working backups of the actual manuscript, I don’t have easy access to the outline until we have that computer again. So, I’ve sort of had a forced break from working on that project.

Of course, there are at least three other ideas for projects that I could have started, and didn’t, because I found myself enjoying taking a breather. Suddenly freed from self-imposed deadlines that had to be altered due to unforeseen circumstances, I’ve spent more time reading and watching some television that I’ve been meaning to see. More time was spent staying at home with our daughter and having friends and family who were without power for days on end come over to soak up our air conditioning and do laundry.

Being forced out of my to-do-list and deadline obsession was actually quite refreshing for a week. We even re-scheduled a trip for this weekend to stay in and take care of other things that need to happen before the move. I’m bummed to be behind on the novel, but I’ve enjoyed taking a break this week.

I hope your weekend is cool, storm-free, and relaxing.

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