Orchestral Variants

Not to get weird on you or anything, but I think there’s another me from an alternate universe floating around out there somewhere.Or maybe he’s floating around in here and just comes to visit me in my head sometimes. Or, maybe that’s way too philosophical. Or, maybe I just need medication.

Its just that he came to visit while I was listening to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra a couple of days ago. This other Dave exists in a universe that differs from our own, beginning when he made a different choice during his junior year of college. Not a specific, “I turned right and I should have turned left” sort of choice like you see in the movies. This was more of an attitude choice, a choice to listen to others or listen to himself. A choice to focus on specific skills or move with natural talents. The choice was a choice to really pursue his dreams, even though he couldn’t even see the potential of them from where he was, or to listen to those around him who were encouraging him to learn “marketable” skills, to move in the direction that “real life” was taking him instead of trying to change things around in pursuit of some crazy dream all of the time.

From that point on, this alternate Dave’s future…now his present…became much different than mine.

Now, I know that nearly all of us have been rock stars in our dreams. I’ve certainly used my air-guitar to rocket myself to stardom numerous times in front of numerous mirrors, and I’m sure that most of you have, as well. This other Dave (shall we call him “Alternate Dave?”) succeeded. He actually played guitar. He had picked it up after I had stopped focusing on keyboards during my brief experience as a music major. Except he had stayed with the keyboards…and the drums as well…and picked up the guitar later. I admire Alternate Dave’s taste in music…he likes a good rock n’ roll guitar line just as much as I do. He also appreciates classical and jazz just as much as I do…that’s why he plays with TSO, you see. He also writes for them, though. He writes lyrics, and writes stories on their CD jackets. He’s involved in directing the stage production of their performances, as well. He uses all of these random talents that I’ve used only sporadically (and then only seriously in the past 5 years) and uses them together, not to be successful, but just to do what he loves, and let the rest work itself out.

The difference is the guitar. I don’t think you’d want to hear what would happen if I picked up a guitar.

I write this only to say that I’m really jealous of Alternate Dave. I wish I was using all of the things I love and pursuing them for a living. That would just be cool. I wonder if Alternate Dave would consider trading places with me, even if just for a little while? Or better yet, perhaps he can give me pointers on how to re-arrange this particular reality. After all, its never too late, right?

Even better, because things might become strange in my head if I start quoting Alternate Dave, what if you gave me advice?

Go for it. My comment chain awaits.

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