Easter Part 6: “Good” Friday

I’ve wondered often why we call this “Good Friday.” I mean, I’ve never researched the background for the title, but its the psychology behind it that I have difficulty grasping. Good, I suppose, in that what He chose to endure that day would have salvific repurcussions for all Believers. I guess it just seems a little too happy for as black a day as it was, as traumatic as Scripture records it.

I didn’t read this part of Scripture today, I listened to it as an audiobook instead. I’m not really into audiobooks, but this was cool in a radio theatre sort of way. The part that really stayed with me was the emotion in the voice of the actor who portrayed Jesus. He was crying often during the reading, and, at the end, when Christ claimed “it is finished” at the time of His death, the actor screamed. An anguished scream, truly in pain.

I imagine Jesus screamed and cried a lot during that 24 hour period. I guess I get wrapped up in His divinity so much that I forget His humanity. He hurt, He suffered, He experienced an actual death. The translation that the actors read for the audiobook phrased Jesus’ words as saying that He gave Himself for the salvation of many (I’m not quoting, I don’t remember it verbatum). All that pain He went through was for one purpose.

So, I guess, knowing the ultimate outcome of all this, I can see calling it Good Friday, because the result for me and many others and any others who choose to accept it is that we’ve been liberated.

So, yeah…it’s good.

Happy Good Friday.

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