Easter Part 5: Thursday

Today was when Jesus initiated what would become known as Communion, giving the bread and wine in commemoration of His upcoming sacrifice. His disciples were unable to accept that their friend and Teacher was about to die. Jesus even asked God if there could be any other way. I think that, in His mortal body, He was afraid.

I drove past a church today with a sign in front that proudly proclaimed an Easter egg hunt. Throughout the country this weekend, there will be traditional “sunrise services” and breakfasts and egg hunts and (I think I’m going to vomit when I write this word) “egg-stravaganzas.”

We’ve turned this whole thing into a joke. Easter is a joke to us. It’s a sickeningly sanitized, wannabe holiday observance of something that shook the fabric of the universe.

Do we honestly think that Jesus gives a crap about our egg hunts and chocolates and Easter bunnies? American church is so fake.

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