The semester draws to an end, finally!!! Two finals and a term paper stand between me and my summer, not to mention my wedding which quickly approaches.

And in addition to that, they are all that stand between me and my inspiration. Or, more exactly, the time to take advantage of it. The words that God places in my head to flow through my keyboard are the heartbeat of my life. I really thought, especially at the beginning of my Seminary career, that I was destined for the role of a pastor. The concept of destiny has become a bit less static, though, and now I am beginning to see a future that truly makes my pulse race with the thought of pursuing it for God.

Not that I can truly articulate what that is, but I know it’s out there. I can’t wait to develop my craft, my art, the manner in which I want to be a tool in His toolbox to touch the hearts and lives of others. I hope that He will use me in this way.

As bright as the future is, I can hardly wait to get started. I feel almost like its a new beginning (which probably says something about how dark a tunnel this semester has been). But the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is in sight now.

And hopefully my posts (which have been, to say the least, sporadic), will become regular and much more in depth than they have been of late.

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