Green Poison

Money is evil.

I’m convinced of this more and more everyday. It really sunk into me two nights ago as I was preparing my state income tax return, because Virginia is like the worst place for taxes that I’ve ever experienced (who thought up this crazy commonwealth idea, anyway?). It’s just that I stress over money far more than I should…I get uptight about it, and let it become a source of stress for me. I used to have a professional career where I really made money, and I bought what I wanted when I wanted. That was the problem. Because now I’m a student again, I’m barely scraping by, and I’m too poisoned by what once was to realize that I am blessed now with less, because now I can concentrate on the things that really matter and that eluded me before, like love and creativity. Perhaps God had to get me here before He could bring those things back into my life. There’s a thought.

Money is just evil.

Because there’s never, ever enough of it. And we become obsessed with it, because we allow society to push this materialistic crap of “whoever dies with the most toys wins” down our throats, and we buy into it. Literally buy into it. What begins as the harmless desire to have something nice for yourself now and then becomes this obsessive drive to always have more, more, more. There’s never enough of it. We work harder, we sacrifice our lives, and I can’t help but think that when we’re older, we’ll look back on all the things that we could have done but missed. Because we were trying to get more, and actually gained less.

So I’m trying to realize how incredible a situation I’m in, and forgetting about this green stuff in our lives called money.

Because it’s evil.

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