Wow, it’s been so long since I posted!!! I have been so caught up in mid-terms for the past week that I haven’t even seen the news lately. That’s sad, considering I am a self-proclaimed news junkie. But, I am breathing again.

I just finished reading my friend’s Xanga. He posted an entry about Rob Bell’s phrase “love wins.” As much as I hate the pop culture phrases that we develop in our Christian subculture, I really dig this one. Because I’ve had on my heart lately this concept of it all coming back to Christ, to what He did for us, to what He does for us. The driving motivation behind my life should be that…like I should live as though that were my purpose for everything. Very basic, and you would think that it would be difficult to mess up, although theologians have been for centuries. I’m working letting Him make this the motivation behind my life. Because all of the other stuff I get caught up in seems so incredibly hopeless. The education, the money, the car, the clothes, the friends, the “community” (there’s another one we throw around a lot, right?). If I do any of that apart from Him (John 15), then it becomes an empty substitution.

I’ve had enough empty substitutions. I’m done with them.

Okay, mid-terms are done, term papers are ahead, and then I have a wedding to plan!!!

Life’s never boring, right?

Hope your weekend is blessed, everyone!


The latest on the story from my previous post, in case anyone was wondering, is that he is most likely going to be released soon.

Much love to all, and to all a good night!

We Like Being Caged

CNN has been carrying a story for the last couple of days about a Christian in Afghanistan who was imprisoned and faces death for professing his religious preference. He was holding a Bible in hand at the time he was arrested, and now faces the “opportunity” to renounce his faith. The last story I read on this (of course you can’t find it on currently…it does, after all, have to do with Christianity), was that the press was not being permitted to see this gentleman.

People across the world go through this every day. The attend underground churches where they smuggle in a few pages torn from a Bible under risk of death. They’re willing to die for what they believe.

It makes me wonder what we’re willing to do for our freedoms. We have the option of attending a church of our choice on the day of our choice, or no church at all if that is our choice, without risk of the secret police knocking on our doors at night. We are so comfortable in our freedom that we aren’t really willing to stand up for anything anymore.

I find this so obvious in our society today because Christians will barely speak against the discrimination we face in America. It is, after all, okay to be of any religious preference in America except Christianity. We are accused of being the intolerant bigots, and we’ve allowed this perversion of our constitutional freedoms to permeate the highest levels of our government with our silence. I wonder when we will realize that we can’t afford to be silent any longer? Most likely after its too late. It also saddens me that many Christians get on television and say stupid, Falwell-like things about minority groups on television, and gain a reputation for Christians as bigots. We’re supposed to love, but we don’t. Enough of that, though…I already went there in a previous post.

What amuses me is that, as members of various other faiths push to have Christianity eliminated from polite conversation and from any presence at all in our society, they are actually harming themselves, because the of legal precedent that they are assisting in creating to eliminate our freedoms of religious expression. How easily our freedom to worship as we choose and belong to the faith that we choose might be taken away.

Sound impossible? Well, so did the ability of the government to spy on American citizens until a few months ago.

We just keep giving it away.

Happy Oddities

You know, there are times when I find this strange peace, kind of an eccentric happiness in the middle of my chaos.

Sort of like how it’s almost 1:00, and I have to be up in a few hours, but for some reason, I’m not stressed out about this.

Or how I am completely and totally overwhelmed with papers and projects and mid-terms…almost more than one human being is capable of accomplishing. If you throw a couple of jobs and planning a wedding on top of that, it’s a miracle I keep my sanity.

But I just sort of realized tonight, that, as much as I’m prone to complain, that I really enjoy being a student. I think that, perhaps, part of the reason I’m happier is because I’ve had an opportunity to write this weekend, so I don’t have all this creativity pent up inside me looking for an outlet that I don’t have time to give. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I kind of am beginng to see the things in my life as a universal creative outlet, which is a perspective that tends to get ripped away from me when I’m in the midst of my cacophonous schedule.

Or, maybe I’m just rambling incoherently, and just really need some sleep.

Yeah, maybe that’s it.

Okay. Good night!

From The Outside In

I was intending to continue the discussion from my previous post tonight, but something happened that has left me hurting inside, and I have to talk about it, instead.

I ran into an acquaintance in a coffee shop tonight. He used to occasionally attend a church where I formerly on staff. He was raised as a Muslim, but since moving to this country has been exploring other avenues of faith. He is, in evangelical terminology, a seeker. He is searching for God.

He began a discussion with me about if I believe the Bible, if I believe its message about Jesus. I told him that I do. He told me that one of the reasons he didn’t buy into Christianity is because Christians don’t understand what Jesus taught.

I’ll paraphrase his words:

“I am not a smart man or a scholar, but when I read the Bible, I see that Jesus teaches us to love. Jesus loved everyone. Christians hate.”

He talked about how Christians hate him and ostracize him because of his nationality. He told horror stories of the treatment he had received since 9-11. He related his discouragement at how Christians hate others, and hate each other. How we get on television and say stupid, bigoted things. Obviously, he claimed, Christians don’t understand Jesus’ teachings, because Jesus told people to love, and those who claim to follow His teachings today hate.

He doesn’t believe the Good News, in large part, because of this. His view from the outside looking in: Christ-Followers argue and fight with each other, and hate others based on the color of their skin, nationality, or religious preference, just like everyone else does.

And you know what? I can’t help but think that he is right.

What have we done?