Evolving Doors

I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve barely had time to post anything. Such is the Christmas season I guess, at its overly-commercialized best. But I’ve had something on my mind this morning that I just had to get out, so I guess the opinion writer in me is about to rear his head.

Our country was dealt a blow yesterday, and the ACLU won another victory with their empty but pleasing buzzwords and vacuous popularity. A Supreme Court justice ruled yesterday that Intelligent Design could not be taught in a Pennsylvania classroom alongside evolutionary theory because it was a form of religious indoctrination. This justice, instead of just ruling, decided to create law from the bench (excuse me for a second: his job is to interpret law, not write it), and write a long document with scathing terminology against the decision by the small-town school board to approve this policy for their classrooms. Then there were citizens of the town on camera last night, warning others across the country to be aware of what was going on in their school boards, before it was permitted to get this far.

I’m not surprised. Teaching the two theories side by side made sense, so it was a given that the ACLU would attempt to strike it down. They are, after all, in strict opposition to anything that makes sense. Now, when you compound that with the fact that it’s okay to be anything other than a Christian in America, then you get a decision like this, and several school board members who lose re-election for doing something that makes sense. Because, as always, Christians are viewed as being the intolerant bigots of society, when, in fact, it’s everyone else that has grown intolerant of us.

Again, I’m not surprised. He told us that we would be hated. I supposed its more the lack logic that fascinates me. Evolutionary theory is just that: a theory. It has yet to be proven. When you take the time to actually examine the theory, it becomes more and more implausible. The odds of life springing from non-life are so ridiculous that they almost don’t bear mention. People flock to this theory, however, because it’s an alternative to a God that they don’t want to believe exists. So they, in their fury, attempt to push Him out of reach of the rest of us as well. Because they’re angry. Because they’re scared. Scared that He just might be up there. So then, their fear leads to them to say even more stupid things, like how evolution and creation theory can co-exist, even though they are the antithesis to each other. And they get people on their side like an overly opinionated judge that doesn’t seem to understand what his role in the judicial branch of government truly is.

The ACLU is really good at coming up with empty rhetoric that sounds pleasant to us as Americans. Tolerance, freedom of religion, etc. Ironically, the only religion that they want freedom for is their own, the religion of humanism that is masqueraded as political sensitivity.

After all, we wouldn’t want anyone to be offended by all that God stuff. Whatever makes you feel good, that’s what you should do. “Happy Holidays” and warm-fuzzies to go around for everyone.

I’m really not surprised.

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