There’s something about jazz

So, we have this huge youth event tonight, and several of the kids in my youth group are in my car browsing through my iPod, and one of them finds a jazz album and starts playing it. Then the others are starting to make fun of her (and me), and they’re like, “Jazz? You’ve gotta be kidding me!”

But as I’m sitting down this evening to write this, I’m streaming a jazz station in the background, ’cause there’s just something about jazz. I almost always write with jazz in the background, study with jazz in the background, and sometimes I even go to sleep with jazz playing. There’s something about it that’s stimulating and relaxing at the same time. It helps me clear my head and focus.

I don’t think people who are into really structured thinking like it, though (I could be wrong…you know somebody’s going to leave a comment about that one). Jazz tends to be kind of sporadic in a way…kind of a creative flux. I knew this guy in college that always got really nervous whenever he listened to jazz. Couldn’t handle it. It was like caffeine to him or something.

Oh, well, different people like different things. Jesus loves all of us anyway, and hey, life would be pretty boring if we all were into the same things, right?

But for me…there’s something about jazz.

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