The butterfly syndrome

So I have this friend who has ADD (Attention Defecit Disorder), and he told me one time that he joined this online discussion group called, “I’m A-D-ooh, look it’s a butterfly!-D.” I was joking with him over lunch today that the butterfly comment has since become this hysterical inside joke with us…he’ll get distracted, and I’ll make some comment like, “Oops. Butterfly.”

I guess you’d have to be there.

The only reason in the world that I even bring that up is because this in going to be a string of completely disconnected thoughts tonight.

I’m completely addicted to coffee. Today I haven’t had any. Purposely decided that I was going the entire day without it. I almost dozed off around 4 this afternoon, but otherwise I’m strong! Of course, tomorrow morning before class I’ll shoot my 24 hours of sobriety, but oh well…it was an achievement…

I hate daylight savings time! (or rather the lack of it) It was dark by like 6 this evening! That’s so depressing!

I’m streaming jazz in the background again…

Mid-terms almost killed me this semester…

Halloween is so screwed up…

So I was watching CNN a little while ago (while trying to do homework…yeah, that was productive), and this pastor was on there talking about this ministry he did called “Hell House” and how it was attempting to present sin and hell in the horrible reality that they are. And all these other fundamentalist full-of-themselves Christians (the kind that give us all a bad name) were on there preaching about how horrible it is that they were doing something that portrayed violence and sin and death and hell.

I get so sick of that. There’s a world full of Gen-Xers and Emergent Generation and youth that just aren’t going to respond to a pink flower and doves version of the Gospel. So somebody finally listens to God and goes outside of our precious box and gets creative in how to present Christ to the lost, and some straight-laced Baptist somewhere gets all offended and uptight. For crying out loud, loosen your tie and get over it. Jesus wasn’t the most polite and diplomatic and politically correct when He was presenting His Good News. Maybe we should follow that example. After all, it is His Good News. He probably knew how to present it.

Too many people are going to hell because we’re busy being diplomatic. Just a thought.

I love jazz.

Oops. Butterfly.

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