It might be true, as it turns out, that some of the best ideas come to you in dreams.

Just before our daughter was born (almost two years ago now!!), I woke one night from a dream that remained clearly in my memory until the following morning. I knew that I had to write it down, because it was quite obviously the foundation for a story that needed to be told. We were in the early stages of planning our move northward at the time, and I think that’s what brought this dream about. In the dream, Karen and I were standing on a hill in our former city in Virginia, except the city had been abandoned, and we were looking out over the expanse of what used to be and remembering our lives there in whispers to each other.

A few seconds of dream, ultimately, but the ideas that followed took a life of their own, and I wrote as a labor of love in whatever free moments that I could find after our daughter was born, because she was forever connected to this piece of fiction in my heart. A few months later, it was edited and finished, and I’ve been shopping it around since. It was accepted for publication this week!

So, I’m excited to let you know that “Diaspora” is published in the May issue of eSciFi magazine. You can currently purchase a copy directly from Barnes & Noble, and I will keep you posted as it becomes available other places, as well.

I’d be honored to hear what you think!

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