A Title, A Name, and Second Thoughts on an Ending

Writing seems to come in stops and starts even more so than usual, lately. What with starting school again for a few months, I’ve managed to spread myself pretty thin once more, and so my ideas tend to be transformed into lists that get placed on the proverbial “back burner” until I have time to flesh them out…which usually happens about once every other weekend, or so.

Since my last writing update, I don’t have any working outline for the final section of my novel. Which is actually a good thing, because there’s a part of the ending as it originally transpired in my head that I think is just going to have to be changed because, no matter how I approach it, it feels too gratuitous to me. I feel like its one of those writing moments in which I have to stop the bad stuff from coming out in such amounts that it poisons the good things. It’s going to take some work, too, because it’s a moment of epiphany for a major character, and without that epiphany, the entire plot is essentially pointless. That’s going to require some thought.

On the upside, though, I made a decision on the name of my protagonist…and that is that her name is going to stay what it is, because re-naming her would be way too forced and just wrong. I think I’ll change the way that she spells it, though…that doesn’t leave me with the bad taste that changing her name altogether did.

And I am close…oh, so close…to having a title. So close I can taste it.

That’s the odd part, because I’ve almost always worked from the title down in the past. That is, the title has always been one of the first things to pop into my head when I have an idea for a new project. That leaves me alternately really excited and really uncertain about this project. One thing is for certain, though…it’s going to be different. This project has turned out to be the culmination of this obsession I’ve developed lately with the nature of a hero. If nothing else, I need to finish this for myself to wrap up these thoughts into a coherent whole.

And, in other news, I sold a script today for an old project, and nothing gives you encouragement like knowing that people want to read your work.

Here’s to positivity on Mondays!


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