Intermission #1

In the last 24 hours, give or take, a lot has been going through my head. Bemusing at best, contradictory at worst, I’ve been looking for balance, that in-between place that covers the gap between what Karen calls “organic matter” and technology.

Working with people instead of gadgets, the latter of which is a hobby and semi-professional interest, and fascinated by the academic thoughts that this brings about.

Enjoying e-books, while missing paperbacks.

Astounded by new life, and how this whole process works, and comforting myself by buying new toys.

Wishing for missing dreams, and being disturbed when they return.

Sometimes you just need an intermission, you know?    
A free-verse groove to alleviate the risk of entering a routine…
Not poetry, but not quiet prose,
Just to get this out of my head, to try something different, and see what happens.

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