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It’s very important for the creative community to support each other, especially in the Internet era. Since at least the Renaissance, the arts have functioned primarily on a patronage system: those with money who appreciated the arts financially supported the work of artists in whom they believed. Some of what we consider to be the greatest works of art in human history have been funded or commissioned by patrons. Our economic structure doesn’t really support creative projects, in the sense that many artists struggle to find finances to support projects that they are passionate about…and which often have something important to contribute to our culture. Of course, some artistic mediums are more expensive than others. Film and music recording happen to be among them.

And it just so happens that I know an artist in each of these mediums who are trying to fund important projects. 
There are some platforms out there that work on the patronage system. The concept is that artists post their projects, and contributors who find themselves attracted to a project make a contribution to support the work. A lot of people who have only a couple of dollars to spare and who like a project can fund it to completion…and, of course, the artist gives a special “thank you” of some sort to support those who contribute. 
I think these sites are great ideas, and I am seriously considering using one of them myself at some point in the future to cover some research expenses for a novel. Currently, though, I’d love for you to check out my friends’ projects, and see if you might be interested in tossing in something to help them create their passions. 
John is trying fund a film entitled The Happiest Place on Earth. I’ve been privileged to read the script at various stages of its evolution, and I believe in the project, because it has something important to say. You can find his project on IndieGoGo. 
Renee has an EP under her belt, and needs to finance the studio time for a full album, What I Need, this summer. I’ve been there through the development of many of her songs (and the stories behind them), and, honestly, I just like her vocals. You can find her project on Kickstarter. 
No more solicitations for now, I promise! Have a great weekend! 

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