Out of Character?

I’m having a first in my blogging life this week. I’ve been challenged to a meme.

As you might guess, this really isn’t my style, but since it’s my friend Renee who has issued the challenge, I’ll have a go at it. Besides, I’m all about positivity, as we know.

(You do know that…right?)

So, as per Renee’s challenge, here we go with five of my favorite things.

1. Coffee. I consider myself a bit of connoisseur, you know. Freshly roasted, freshly ground, and pressed in the morning…the rest of my day depends on a good cup of coffee.

2. Science fiction. I grew up as a sci-fi nerd, and that hasn’t changed. From Space Ghost to Dollhouse, I’m a sucker for a well-imagined and well-visualized story.

3. Books. Shelves and shelves and shelves (or, lately, their equivalents in kilobytes) of books of all sorts of genres and time periods. I adore books.

4. Music. I’m not a happy man without music. I have a particular weakness for jazz.

5. Apple products. Doesn’t really matter which…just pick one. PC’s are just calculators…if you want a real computer, buy a Mac.

So, there you have it, things that I like. Hopefully things that point beyond themselves to something else, at least in three out of the five cases…you know, signs and symbols and all that.

An unusual post for me, but perhaps one that will illicit some interesting responses if I ask you: what gets you through your day? What are some of your favorite things? My comment chain is yours.

6 thoughts on “Out of Character?

  1. Good post, even though we only share the last two. (I prefer cocoa to coffee, magazines to books. I don’t know that I have a genre of screen entertainment.)

    I love your succinct package of the Apple preference!

  2. Ah, rest assured I am not without an affinity for cocoa…or magazines of certain types. And, I knew a fellow Mac user would understand!

  3. The music one we DEFINITELY share; and I heard from your wife today that you were well impressed with my version of music at my last show 😉
    Thanks for being a fan! And for accepting the challenge!

  4. Have you seen Caprica! I think you would really like it. Super for the sci-fi and techy people. I like it too. It has a monotheistic religion which is illegal in Caprica.


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