The Highly Controversial Subject of Christmas Lights

Okay, this is my first video blog, so be gentle!

My friend who makes a cameo, Renee, is, incidentally, Canadian. You can find her over at Canamgirl’s Blog.


  1. I AM Canadian!! 🙂 So we are WELL past the “thanksgiving holiday,” and already dreaming of a “white Christmas.”
    Thanks for including me Dave, this turned out great!

  2. Haha, happy to do it! Thanks for including me – and I think that although in both countries, Christmas comes after thanksgiving, in MY country that is the only holiday left after October 31st…so culturally speaking, I am right on time with the twinkle lights! 😉

  3. Great wrap up thought that jumping Thanksgiving leads us to forget being thankful and “giving” thanks to “what is the next thing I am going to get?”

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