A long time ago in a galaxy known as grad school, I decided to launch a blog called unobtrusive lucidity. When I created the blog and wrote my first post, I was enjoying the fact that I had the freedom to indulge the inspiration that always seems to come at late hours for me. Thus, I chose a black background for the blog. It has morphed a bit over the years, but some things have stayed the same. I still follow many of the same blogs that I encountered when I first began blogging, for example (and I still link to them on my sidebar). Unfortunately, what hadn’t changed up until now was that I have focused on the writing of the blog to the exclusion of the way the blog looked. So, in the interest of aesthetics (and after some complaints about the white font on black background), I’ve decided to correct that error.

Thus, the new look around here, which I’m continuing to adjust slightly (hopefully I’ll discover exactly how to edit the html code under this new template soon, because I’ve been unsuccessful thusfar). Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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