The Substance of Inspiration

There’s a chapter in the early in the Watchmen graphic novel where Dr. Manhattan goes to Mars, and is viewing the past, present, and future simultaneously. He makes a comment in this chapter (I’m paraphrasing) about how the future already is, about how a block of granite already has a shape inside of it in its future, and how it is awaiting the sculptor to take it out for all to see.

One of those lines in a book that makes you stop and read it twice.
So I began thinking about the things I write. This weekend, I finished a shor

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  1. It’s interesting…..I have been reading Max Lucado’s ‘Cure for the Common Life’ in which he urges us to go and find out how God wired us, that we each have something specific to contribute to the body and if we don’t contribute it, then it is lost (according to Max). For me your post couldn’t have come at a better time….I am really beginning to learn how God wired me and I am really wanting to lean more and more into that because I feel He has something very specific He wants me to say.

    I am a writer and am just now coming to understand that at 39. So thanks for bloggin this, I am very glad you didn’t decide on something else. :o)

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