You’re Kidding, Right???

I really dislike using this space for political commentary, but I suppose it does fall under the “culture” part of “faith, art, and culture.”

So, anyone think I’m crazy for saying that I’m afraid of our government? Read this little treat: Virginia just legalized a request by the Republican Party that voters who vote in Virginia’s Republican Primary in February must sign an oath vowing that they will vote for the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in the fall.

At this point it is unenforceable, because Virginia voters don’t register according to party. Give it time, though. After whatever it was that happened in Florida a few years ago to put the current train wreck in office, I have no doubt that Virginia will find a way to enforce it…or be forced to do so. I’ve never really liked Virginia, but now I’m ashamed to live here.

Yet one more way in which we must bow and pay homage to Emperor Bush. Don’t you just love our carefully disguised monarchy?

I can only hope and pray for two things: that someone with some sense of honor and without an antisocial personality ends up in office next fall (in a Utopian existence we could impeach Bush, but I suppose that’s too much to ask for), and that, when this person takes office, the damage done by this evil president will not be irreparable.


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