Be Afraid…Very Afraid

I’m an American. I like being an American. I’m even (though I actively attempt to avoid cliches) proud to be. As an American, I believe passionately that one should never be afraid of their government. And that, for all of my patriotism, is where I become disillusioned.

As we approach an important election, I’m sick of the fact that I must assume a politician is lying every time his/her mouth opens. I’m sick of the fact that one’s primacy in a given political party is gauged by how much money they have raised instead of the issues upon which they stand (once again, the grand experiment of capitalism has failed). I’m sick of politicians forgetting that their job is one of public service (meaning they should be paid the same as other public servants…say, the equivalent of a teacher or police officer, perhaps…that would weed out those who are there to serve instead of become wealthy). But moreover, I’ve grown to be afraid of the antisocial bullies that are currently lording their power over us in the Bush administration, robbing us of freedoms while simultaneously pursuing their personal vendettas against other nations.

I’m afraid because that is the reason we have no clue as to the whereabouts of Bin Laden. I’m more afraid because it was the beginning of the Iraqi smokescreen that caused America to forget about Bin Laden in the first place, focusing (by force of media manipulation) instead upon Hussein.

A couple of days ago I stumbled onto this interesting article about the U.S. perspective (and, some would say, vendetta) against Iran. While I disagree with some of the political perspective (I shudder at the thought of our ever failing to support Israel), this is not the first time political commentators have flown the flag of caution about Bush’s burning desire to start a war with Iran.

I’ll shut up so you can read it. It is compelling.

And conducive of fear.

Nearly as great as the fear of America’s complacency and comfort causing us to let the warnings fall upon deaf ears.

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