Under the Rug

It seems like I’ve been lapsing into a great deal of political commentary, lately. Not really what I want this blog to be, but…well, it is a part of “culture,” and when things are so glaringly obvious, its hard to not comment on them…

I have had several friends who are law enforcement officers. The “blue wall of silence” can be a very real phenomenon. Troubling, but true. There is this idea that those outside of the profession can never truly understand what it takes to keep them safe and to just survive as a police officer, so “taking care of your own” is always justified, regardless of the ethical implications involved. It doesn’t exist in every location, but it definitely exists.

A counterpart certainly exists within the Bush administration. I’m still reeling from the news that Bush commuted Libby’s sentence. Obviously, those outside of politics just can’t understand what it takes to run a country and keep everyone safe, so…taking care of their own is always justified, regardless of the ethical implications involved.

And, of course, Bush was so noble in only commuting the sentence, instead of giving an outright pardon to one of his good ole boys. Such restraint!

So, if you piss off someone high enough on the food chain, and your family member happens to be in a potentially vulnerable position professionally, their career could become conveniently ruined, and that’s acceptable. You know, karma and all that.

Oops..did I make an implication there?

Well, if you think I have, check out Mr. Wilson’s implication in this article:

“The president, by commuting Mr. Libby’s sentence, has guaranteed that he will be under no incentive whatsoever to tell the truth…I think there is a very real suspicion now that the president himself is an accessory to obstruction of justice in this matter.”

Obstruction of justice? Outstanding!!! Please tell me we can impeach him now!



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