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When I married Karen a little less than a year ago, there were several aspects about our personalities that were a comical mismatch. For example, she loves mountain, I love the beach. Where to live? We’re still figuring that one out. Turned out that one would be the one I’d hold firm on (wait…we’re still living just outside the Blue Ridge mountains…what??), and others I caved on pretty quickly.

I’m actually glad I did.

Karen is a granola through and through. Recycling, health nut, even likes the color green. She married a guy who ate out 90% of the time because of my ineptitude in the kitchen. My idea of a healthy diet was landing at Subway more often than IHOP. I was addicted to Starbucks, and I Sprite and iced tea were staples (I became addicted to iced tea when I moved to the south).

Well, I confess my Starbucks addiction holds firm. One of the first things she changed about my life, though (long before we married) was that I replaced every other drink with Aquafina. Now, you wouldn’t think that would be such a huge deal, but I’ve actually learned a lot about physiology and the importance of hydration in the last year. Turns out soda dehydrates you. I actually learned that a glass of water first thing in the morning (even before my precious cup of Starbucks Breakfast Blend) will decrease the chance of heart attack. Who knew?

Amanda Congdon’s latest blog hosts a physician decrying soda as harmful to one’s health. The information really has been around forever, but I’ve found that recognizing it and beginning to re-vamp my diet entirely has made me remarkable healthier. Not always easy to do in the south where everything (and I mean everything) is fried, but I blog before you a much healthier man that I was a year ago.

Why am I writing this? Well, it was on my mind (along with too much time on my hands). So, take my advice: replace your soda with water.

But don’t ever give up Starbucks. Perish the thought!

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