The Rudest of Awakenings

A few hours ago, just over an hour from where I live, at least 30 people were murdered. Some reports say they were lined up and shot in an execution-like manner. Some reports say the killer may have been looking for his girlfriend.

I was talking with a friend at a coffee shop early this morning when I saw the breaking news on a television monitor. The body count kept going up. The bottom of my stomach fell out.


I was watching a movie last night that had a graveyard scene. The scene caused me to contemplate the prospect of life after this one. The importance of knowing I’m prepared for it.

This morning’s bloodbath at Virginia Tech is the rudest of awakenings as to our own mortality, how quickly it can all be ripped away from us. None of those students woke up this morning knowing it was their last morning. They were reviewing for exams, cursing because they overslept, excited over new relationships, groaning because it was Monday. And then it was all taken from them. None of them saw it coming. None of them deserved it.


What is it that is so broken in our society? In ourselves?

If you pray, please pray for the families of those lost.

While you’re at it, pray for everyone. There is no such thing as safety.

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