Easter Part 8: Sunday

I didn’t know what to write yesterday. I guess I didn’t want to write anything normal, traditional, or flippant. And, honestly, I was trying to unpack the significance of it for me this year.

So, I was meditating on the Spring bloom around us. Curtailed as it has been by “winter’s last blast,” you have to appreciate the beauty in it. In the south, everything is pastels right now. Not really my color choice, but, still, you have to appreciate the beauty in it. The birds singing, everything coming into bloom.

And for the first time, I appreciated the reason we celebrate Easter during the Spring. I mean, I always knew it was to associate the resurrection of the Christ with new life, but I just really appreciated it for the first time. The whole takeaway from Easter is a redemptive one, a new life that is available to us. That is what makes Easter the core of the Christian faith, the culmination of the divine plan: new life. Easter is about the ultimate apologetical argument for the Christian faith: no body has ever been produced. People were and are willing to die for the name of Christ, and that’s not something you do if you hold doubts. There is no body because of the new life that Christ initiated for us.

And this morning, the day after Easter, as I was looking out the window, I couldn’t even really pray. I could just mouth the words “thank you.”

Happy Easter.

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