My Soon-To-Be Big Crazy Wedding

I had a weekend getaway without ever leaving town this weekend. More relaxing than I can relate! My fiance graduated with her master’s degree this weekend (she is now offically more educated than I am…c’mon, Dave, just three more classes…), and her family was in town for the event and for Mother’s Day.

Did I mention I hadn’t met her family yet?

So I spend literally the entire weekend with them, coming home only to sleep a bit, and it was great. Last night, to close our weekend, we watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” That movie is so applicable to us! She has this huge crazy family. Fortunately, I don’t have a stuffy one like the guy in the movie, but I do have a smaller one. My mind is spinning a bit by realizing how many people I’m going to be related to after this wedding.

I find myself thanking God for new family. New friends are incredible, new family is amazing. I mean, to have this whole new group of people in your life that are family…new aunts and uncles and cousins…and even moms and dads…it’s a little mind-boggling.

I think its the way our communities should look as Believers, though. I mean, all of the people there this weekend come with different preferences in the way they worship God. But we all do, and we’re all together in that, and the differences are accepted, and that’s really cool.

And a relief. Such a relief.

So was the fact that her parents approve of me. Such a relief….

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  1. Of course they would approve of you, she loves you! And you are a good guy. My goodness this is an exciting time for you. Best of luck and endless joys to the two of you!

    Always, Carly

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