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I heard a quote tonight. I guess writers always pick up quotes faster than others. I don’t know. But this one rang my bell:

“We tend to become what we think about most.”

That brought to mind another quote with which you might be familiar:

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21, NIV).

So, where is it? Where’s my treasure? Well, following the breadcrumbs of my heart, I find that my spiritual portfolio might be a bit mis-allocated. I put time into God. Quality time. But you know what occurs to me, is that it tends to be an add-on to my day a lot of the time. Like, He’s not what I’m really working toward, He’s just a hobby.

I heard that quote tonight while discussing finances. That got me. I spend a lot of money of my expensive little electronic toys. I don’t spend that much on God. Well, unless you count Seminary, in which case I spend a whole lot of money on God. But, take it the other way for a second. What about the rest of life?

Every year, my investment rep. gives me a graph of where my retirement funds are allocated. There are several categories: Growth, Growth and Income, Aggressive Growth, etc. There are two lines on each category. One is the percentage of your total investment that the firm recommends you have in the category, and the other is what you actually have in that category. That’s how you know if you need to re-allocate. Tip it a little, and you can lose a lot of money pretty easily.

I guess I’m wondering if God has a chart like that. Maybe He only has two categories, though, like “My stuff” and “other stuff.” You know, I really think that God loves us enough to want us to enjoy life. So there is a recommended amount for “other stuff.” But “My stuff” I’m sure outweighs it quite a bit. As it should.

So if God and I were to schedule a meeting, and review that chart every year, I bet I’d be amazed at how mis-allocated my time and efforts are. That’s a shame, because it’s tipped. I could mess things up pretty easily.

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to schedule that appointment with God every now and then?


  1. Hi Dave

    I hope this makes sense. I find that when I am out taking photos, and really working hard at it, I can feel God right next to me, even closer then usual. Not only am I working hard on something that I hope will be profitable someday, but I am also realizing that I get whatever gift I have for it from him. I can fit some devotional time in as I take a photo that means a lot to me. But it took me a while before I realized the two things go together. I kinda think He likes the idea of scheduling time with him. 🙂

  2. Carly, that makes perfect sense, and I can totally identify. I’m not a photographer, and I have no gift for it. But for me its usually writing…that has the same effect on me. Writing almost is a devotional time for me.

    Probably easier for us to schedule time with Him than we think, isn’t it?

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