Superhero Role Models and Censorship

When I was in elementary school, society was in the era of “don’t do drugs.” Each generation seems to have its own popular message that all school children must hear, and this was ours. Drugs symbolized all that were evil, and, like all important cultural messages, we¬†entrusted¬†this to our fictional role models to reinforce. IContinue reading “Superhero Role Models and Censorship”

Heroic Actions to End Bullying

I’ve been intending to write about this for over a week now (he says as he blows the dust off of his neglected blog), but have you seen these variant covers that Marvel comics did for STOMP Out Bullying? If you haven’t, take a moment to look. Marvel Entertainment was approached by the national anti-bullyingContinue reading “Heroic Actions to End Bullying”